Wolff Electronic Design can help you during the entire product development life cycle, from concept to product maintenance.

Concept and Requirements Development

Requirements development and documentation
Technology investigation
High-level architectural/system design
Creation of concept prototypes
Project planning–budgets, schedules, resources
Risk identification
Identification of balance amongst product cost, product features, development cost and development time
Detailed Design and Implementation

Detailed electronic hardware, firmware and/or software design
Breadboards, analyses and simulations, as required
Creation of schematics, Bills of Material and PCB layouts
Firmware and software code generation
Hardware prototype build
Integration of hardware, firmware and software into functional prototypes
Design Verification and Preparation for Production

Test plan development

Test fixturing and software, as necessary
Verification testing (can include functional, environmental, certification and field testing, as required)
Production support
Production testers
Evaluation of alternate component vendors
Identification of long lead-time parts for early procurement
Evaluation of first run units
Product Maintenance

Redeisgn for obsolescence

Product enhancements or performance improvements
Review and redesign for RoHS compliance
Cost reductions