Why Waterfall Works in Manufacturing but Design Needs a Different Flow

agile versus waterfall design project management blog post

When it comes to selecting project management methodologies, we’ve experienced some eye-opening revelations about the design process and the methodologies that yield the best results for innovation. So, we’re sharing our thoughts on why the waterfall methodology, though proven in manufacturing environments to be a solid process, often falls short in the design process. We’ve […]

Developing a Proprietary Secure Wireless IoT System for Specific Use Case

iot grid navigation street light wireless engineering

Software DevelopmentIEEE 802.15.4, Lonworks, RS-485, Panel design, Printed membrane keypad, STM8 (low cost, low power), Submeter power measurement, PIR sensor. ClientA New York based venture-capital-backed energy management systems (EMS) startup. The company centered on bringing wall-street market prediction techniques to the energy sector by predicting and preventing peak-energy power consumption for commercial real-estate heating and […]